Bariatric Surgery Support Group

Our center has long acknowledged, a crucial element of achieving and maintaining long-term success after bariatric surgery is Support Group Participation. The metabolic and bariatric support group at Crozer-Chester Medical Center was established in 2004 and continues as a free, monthly, in-person, event for patients who have had or are preparing to have bariatric surgery. This event is facilitated by the Metabolic and Bariatric Center Registered Dietitian. Topics are carefully selected monthly to address specific challenges patients face throughout the year.

Our support group enjoins participants contending with similar adversities, working toward common goals, in a safe environment to discuss experiences and challenges. Participants on their journey to optimal health and wellness have a unique emotional identification to one another. Through participation, group members empower one another to work through challenges and serve as role models to each other. Support persons are encouraged to attend and observe the support group in order to gain a better understanding of the experiences their loved ones encounter and learn alternate methods and approaches of how to engage in their roles.

We understand the importance of privacy and the sensitive nature of topics discussed during support groups. Although personal information is required for registration and entry into the building, personal, identifying information of participants is not recorded and disclosure of personal information during group meetings is strictly voluntary.

Registration and Arrival: The support group is open to registration each month. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, space is limited and pre-registration of all participants (pre-op, post-op, and support person) is required. Support persons are limited to one person, per patient, per meeting. All support persons must be at least 18 years of age.

When you register, you will receive an email confirmation of your registration. Please print this confirmation or have your confirmation your mobile device for registration upon arrival.

Upon receipt of registration confirmation, please complete the Rules & Code of Conduct attestation, linked below. This attestation must be submitted to the facilitator prior to the start of every meeting.

A certificate of attendance is attached below for those in need of attendance verification. Certificates will be singed at the close of the meeting.

*Please note: Attendance will only be verified for the current meeting. The facilitator will not verify attendance for prior meetings.

It is our pleasure to support you throughout your journey however if you are unable to attend in-person support group meetings, please visit Bariatric Support Centers International for information on free online and telephonic support groups.

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Program Details and Contact Information

Please visit the Crozer Health Bariatric Surgery web page for details and registration.

Contact our Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery Registered Dietitian, Kaitlin Masciantonio, with any questions, concerns, and information.

Kaitlin Masciantonio M.A., R.D., LDN

  • 610-619-8455

2021 Schedule

  • May 18 - Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies
  • June 15 - Hydrating in the Heat
  • July 20 - Dining Out
  • August 10 - Back to School
  • September 21 - Reorganizing Routine and Behavior
  • October 19 - Fall Back
  • November 16 - Preparing for Holidays
  • December 21 - Acknowledging Accomplishments
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