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Family Medicine Residency

Our Mission

We, the faculty and residents of Crozer Health Family Medicine, dedicate ourselves to high quality, evidence-based patient care.

We are committed to caring for entire families, from family-centered maternity care for our youngest patients to geriatrics care for the eldest.  We will serve as the patient-centered medical home for our patients and partner with them to help them take charge of their health. We know that patients can receive the best care when we align patient needs with the best available resources.

We pledge to be life-long learners. As faculty, we commit to preparing residents for a lifetime of learning and leadership.  As residents, we dedicate ourselves to pursuing knowledge of all types, including didactic and practical experiences and research.

We know that the future of Family Medicine lies in the students who train with us.  We will do our best to teach them in both inpatient and outpatient settings and will model the best of the specialty.

We recognize the value of all members of our team as colleagues and vow to support, respect, and educate one another and work toward our shared goal of excellent patient care.

The successful teacher is no longer on a height, pumping knowledge at high pressure into passive receptacles…he is a senior student anxious to help his juniors. ~Sir William Osler

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How to Apply and Interview

All applications to the Crozer Health Family Medicine Residency Program must come through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). The deadline for receiving applications is December 31.

Contact Us:

For more information, please contact:

Crozer Health Family Medicine Residency
1260 East Woodland Avenue, Suite 200
Springfield, PA 19064

Phone: 610-690-4471

E-mail: fmresidency@crozer.org