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Internal Medicine

You have questions about your health.

Your Crozer Health internal medicine provider has the answers.

Maintaining good health throughout your adult life can be a difficult, complex and, at times, confusing.

Your internal medicine doctor, or internist, serves as your trusted healthcare advisor, available to answer health-related questions, direct you to specialty providers and provide treatment and preventive care for common medical concerns.

The Right Care for You

Your internist can provide care for a range of health concerns that may be diagnosed during an exam or routine physical. If advanced treatment is required, your doctor will help you to identify the specialist that’s right for your health needs.

Get Your Questions Answered

Talking to your primary care doctor during a visit helps you gain a better understanding of your health and treat any new medical issues. Communication is essential to ensure that you get the quality healthcare you need. With a two-way conversation, you’ll build trust with your physician who will then have all the information he or she needs to better diagnose and treat any medical conditions.

Internists are even able to answer many questions over the phone or by e-mail via the secure myCKHealth portal, without requiring you to make an appointment or come into the office.

Preventive Medicine and Routine Check-Ups

Preventive visits will ensure you and your healthcare providers are informed about your health and will help you to stay happy and healthy. Crozer Health doctors practice prevention and work closely with you to acquire your needed preventive testing.