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Primary Care

Your primary care provider (PCP) is the central resource for healthcare and health information. Not only do they provide preventive and general healthcare, they are your healthcare guide and advocate, directing you to specialists and helping you navigate the healthcare system to ensure you receive the medical care you need.

Convenient Access

Wherever you live in Delaware County, there’s a Crozer Health primary care doctor near you. We employ more than 100 PCPs at over 30 practices throughout the area. Our providers are available to answer many questions over the phone or by e-mail via the secure myCKHealth patient portal, without requiring you to make an appointment or come into the office.

Preventive Medicine and Routine Checkups

Preventive visits will ensure you and your healthcare providers are informed about your health and will help you to stay happy and healthy. Crozer Health doctors practice prevention and work closely with you to acquire your needed preventive testing.

Making time for your routine checkup is extremely important for your overall health. The regular health exams and tests performed during routine checkups can help identify risk factors and problems before they start. And if they catch an issue early, there is a better chance that your treatment will be effective.

Primary care practices are located on-site at our hospitals as well as in locations throughout Delaware County. To find a doctor who's right for you, you can search our provider directory online.

Choosing Your Primary Care Provider

Different types of PCPs provide specialized care to patients of different ages and genders. It's important to choose the provider or combination of providers who are right for you.

Family Medicine: Our family medicine providers treat patients of all ages and provide friendly, compassionate care for every member of your family.

Internal Medicine: Internal medicine providers, or internists, help patients achieve and maintain good health throughout their adult life.

Pediatric Medicine: Children have a unique set of healthcare needs and a pediatrician can provide the specialized care they need. Crozer Health pediatricians are highly experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood and adolescent acute illnesses, chronic conditions, and medical emergencies.

Geriatric Medicine: Adults age 60 and over face changing health concerns and may benefit from regular visits to a geriatrician.

Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN): For women, an OB/GYN can be just as important to maintaining good health as an internal or family medicine provider. Regular preventive visits are essential and your OB/GYN will guide you through the tests and exams required at different points in your life.

Sports Medicine: Whether you’re an active running or you have a child on the school soccer team, you may find yourself in need of specialized care to keep your family healthy and safe in your sports or activities.