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Work Injury Management

Work Injury Management and Insurance Carrier Panel Provider

In the State of Pennsylvania, Centers for Occupational Health (COH) is an approved panel provider with most insurance carriers and TPA's (Third Party Administrators). Positive, patient focused, clinical leadership enables the treating physician to return an injured individual to the workplace quickly and safely. With a philosophy "if you can do it at home, you can do it at work", the focus is on education, and motivation to safely resolve the injury and resume normal work/home activities.


Our clinics are full-service facilities that provide:

  1. Physical therapy; work conditioning, industrial rehab on campus.
  2. Functional capacity evaluations.
  3. Functional return-to-work assessments post surgery, injury or illness.
  4. Acute injury treatment for lacerations, sprains/strains.

Workers' Compensation Service Delivery Goals

Clinical leadership understands that all medical decisions render a financial cause/effect. In an effort to be efficient with medical costs, COH supports employers by:

  • Hospital Emergency Departments notify COH of Workers' Compensation injuries.
  • Medical providers call and/or send an activity status report after every visit.
  • Appointments for diagnostic services (MRI) and Specialist referrals are established before the patient leaves the office. Every minute counts in injury management!
  • Work-site tours. COH medical providers and specialists will tour the work-site, observe work practices, and make recommendations for injury prevention and safety training programs.

Specialized Work-Injury Management Services

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE): FCE is appropriate if you believe an employee is magnifying their injury symptoms, or want to know if an individual has reached "Maximum Medical Improvement". Certified therapists can perform a FCE to objectively measure an individual's level of performance and pain while performing a series of monitored functional tasks. An FCE will confirm symptom magnification and provide an objective opinion to determine if an employee can meet the essential functions of a specific job.

Additional Injury and Physical Therapy Services

  • Back injury prevention programs.
  • Stretching/exercise programs.
  • Fitness evaluations.
  • Ergonomic evaluations.
  • Customized return-to-work programs.