Advanced Endoscopy

For those suffering from more complex disorders of the digestive tract, advanced endoscopic services are available to diagnose, evaluate and treat these disorders. Our gastroenterology team includes experts and specialists trained in minimally invasive, interventional and therapeutic endoscopy procedures that minimize risk and offer patients less invasive treatment options.

If you have been diagnosed with a disorder of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, bile duct or pancreas, talk to your doctor about advanced endoscopy evaluation and treatment options.

Additional Advanced Endoscopy Procedures

Esophageal, Enteral and Colonic Stents Placement

Stents assists in relieving obstruction of the GI tract related to cancerous growths or narrowing of the tract due to scarring. Stents also help manage leaks from certain parts of the GI tract due to holes from tumors or as a result of the prior intervention.

Endoscopic Incisional Therapy

This is a technique used to help treat narrowing and strictures in the esophagus related to fibrous rings and acid-related damages and from prior surgery.

Deep Enteroscopy

Diagnostic evaluation and therapeutic interventions in small bowel lesions, particularly the treatment of bleeding lesions and tissue acquisition for diagnosis.