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Medical Records Request


Please note: Crozer Health can only supply hospital medical records, not records from your physician's office. Thank you!

Request Your Medical Records Online

If you need copies of your medical records, you can easily request them online and have them conveniently mailed to your home or available for download to your computer.

You can request copies of your medical records for:

  • Hospital-based procedures, including inpatient procedures, outpatient procedures and Emergency Department visits
  • Procedures at the Surgery Center at Haverford
  • Procedures at the Surgery Center at Brinton Lake
  • Procedures and treatment at Crozer-Keystone Broomall
  • Gastrointestinal (GI) procedures and dialysis at Crozer Brinton Lake

How to Request Your Records

To request your records:

  • Go to the request form below.
  • Complete the online identification process to help ensure your privacy and security.
  • Specify the records you want to receive.
  • Pay a small processing fee. The fee for online orders is the same amount as if you came to the hospital to order your records in person.
  • Submit your request.

Request Your Medical Records Online

Your records will be mailed to you in three to five business days. You may also choose to download a copy of your medical records directly to your computer. Downloaded records are encrypted to protect your privacy. Additional information may be available online through our patient portals.

This service is provided by Ciox Health.


If you have a specific question regarding your medical records, please complete our contact us form and a representative will contact you shortly.