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  • 1858

    John P. Crozer builds the Upland Normal Institute; now referred to as Old Main. The Upland Normal Institute was built to serve as a school to house and educate the children of the poor but due to limited enrolment and diseases like diphtheria and small pox the Institute closed in 1861.

  • 1862

    Old Main transforms to serve as an Army Hospital during the Civil War, treating more than 6,000 soldiers from both the Union and Confederacy. You can still see the drawings and signatures from the soldiers written on the walls of the cupola.

  • 1866

    After the Civil War Old Main served as the Pennsylvania Military Academy.

  • 1868

    Old Main transforms once again to become the Crozer Theological Seminary. The seminary will remain for 102 years in Upland until it mergers with Rochester Theological Seminary and relocates to New York. In 1970 Crozer-Chester Medical Center occupies Old Main and converts the space to offices.

  • 1893

    Chester Hospital opens as the need for a community hospital rises due to industrial and manufacturing work-related accidents. The 48-bed hospital cared for 202 patients during the first year of the hospital's existence.

  • 1900-03

    J. Lewis Crozer “Home for Incurables” admits first patient in 1900. The Crozer Home for Incurables becomes the J. Lewis Crozer Homeopathic Hospital and opens its doors to area patients to add healthcare capacity to the area a decade after Chester Hospital.

  • 1905

    Chester Hospital has only ambulance in the area (horse-drawn) and begins to add “specialists” to its physician roster. Chester Hospital collaborates with Jefferson Medical School, establishing a clinical training program for medical students.

  • 1910

    Taylor Hospital is established in the Ridley Park home of Dr. Horace Furness Taylor and his wife, Katherine, an R.N. who starts the training school for nurses. Only 10 patients are cared for at Taylor in 1911. Chester Hospital is caring for some 1,200 inpatients and 3,400 outpatients, and responding to 700 ambulance calls a year.

  • 1927

    Plans for a new Upper Darby hospital are drawn and Delaware County Hospital is chartered; it is opened to the public on July 1, 1927, with 56 beds and 11 bassinets.

  • 1951-54

    Martin Luther King, Jr., minister and civil rights leader, attends Crozer Theological Seminary (grounds of Old Main) where he earned his Bachelor of Divinity degree. King’s three years at Crozer were a key period in shaping his philosophy of non-violent social change for which he later became a Nobel Peace Prize honoree in 1964.

  • 1958

    J. Lewis Crozer Homeopathic Hospital is renamed officially to Crozer Hospital.

  • 1959

    Delaware County Hospital named changed to Delaware County Memorial Hospital, or DCMH, reflecting a change in medical philosophy.

  • 1960

    Tri-County Hospital in Springfield opens and adds 65 beds to the community. This site will become Springfield Hospital in the Crozer Health .

  • 1963

    Crozer Hospital and Chester Hospital merge to become Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Upland, Pa.

  • 1973

    Crozer-Chester Medical Center opens the Delaware Valley’s first Burn Treatment Center.

  • 1981

    Taylor Hospital begins its long tenure in rehabilitation care as it opens a 25-bed Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit, the first in Delaware County.

  • 1987

    Crozer-Chester Medical Center was recognized as a Regional Level-II Trauma Center for adults.

  • 1989

    The Nathan Speare Regional Burn Center was opened after an extensive renovation. Nathan Speare was the first of three generations of the Speare family who served on the board of directors for Crozer-Chester Medical Center.

  • 1990

    Crozer-Chester Medical Center and Delaware County Memorial Hospital formally merge to create Crozer Health , or CKHS, the largest health care provider in Delaware County.

  • 1993

    Crozer-Chester Medical Center performs its first open-heart surgery. Community Campus opens an 11-bed Detox Unit to lead the way of transitioning the site into a center for Behavioral Health and community-based services.

  • 1994

    Springfield Hospital joins Crozer Health .

  • 1997

    Taylor Hospital joins Crozer Health .

  • 2005-12

    Crozer Health expands significantly to the outpatient arena by opening facilities and services in various Delaware County communities: Media Medical Plaza; Brinton Lake (Crozer Medical Plaza I - II, CK Cancer Center Brinton Lake, Crozer Health Pavilion Brinton Lake); and Surgery Center at Haverford.

  • 2006

    After an extensive expansion and renovations, the Emergency Department at Crozer-Chester Medical Center opens as the largest ED in Delaware County, and the only hospital ED in the county to treat emergency, trauma and burn patients at one building location.

  • 2012

    Crozer-Chester Medical Center was approved by the United Network for Organ Sharing to establish a kidney transplant program. The new Crozer Health Regional Kidney Transplant Center at Crozer-Chester accepts candidates for transplants and live donations. All aspects of the kidney donation and transplant process are performed, from initial evaluations to surgical procedures to all of the necessary after-care.

  • 2015

    Crozer Health at Broomall, a 50,000 square foot outpatient facility opens.

  • 2016

    Prospect Medical Holdings, Inc., acquires Crozer Health .

  • 2018

    Crozer-Chester Medical Center opened the first Neurological Intensive Care Unit, Neurological Emergency Department, and neurosurgery hybrid operating suite in Delaware County.