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Prospect Medical Holdings

In July 2016, Crozer Health was acquired by Prospect Medical Holdings, Inc., an innovative healthcare services company that owns and operates 20 hospitals and more than 165 clinics and outpatient centers across the United States. As part of this agreement, Prospect acquired all properties, plants and equipment owned by Crozer Health or used in the operation of the health.

About Prospect

Prospect Medical Holdings, Inc., a growing healthcare services company, offers a unique and innovative healthcare delivery model, known as Coordinated Regional Care, which emphasizes coordination of care and population health management, with an emphasis on wellness and preventive care. CRC helps coordinate quality care for patients through integrated networks of primary and specialty physicians, in affiliation with hospitals, clinics, other community-based providers and health plans.

In addition to its hospitals and outpatient clinics, Prospect also manages the provision of healthcare services for more than 435,000 members enrolled in its networks of over 11,000 primary care physicians and specialists. Prospect's operations are located in diverse areas in California, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Texas.

For more information, visit www.pmh.com.