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Prospect Provider Group Pennsylvania

Prospect Provider Group Pennsylvania (PPGPA) is an independent physician association supported by Prospect Medical Holdings, Inc., the parent company of Crozer Health. Led by local physicians, the group helps practices by working together to improve health care results and cost.

What is a PPGPA Practice?

PPGPA practices are not owned by Prospect or Crozer, but do enjoy the benefits of being part of a larger group rather than a stand-alone practice. Prospect supports the business side of the health care practice, allowing staff members to focus on providing quality care.

What are the Benefits for Patients?

  • Specialty Direct Referral Program - As a patient, you can be referred by your primary care physician to a broad network of the most commonly used specialists without obtaining a prior authorization through this program.
  • Coordination of Transportation - PPGPA practices provide and coordinate transportation for patients who need assistance to and from medical appointments.
  • Care Plus Program - A special team of patient care coordinators is solely dedicated to Medicare-eligible patients to coordinate their care, provide post-operative outreach, assist with scheduling office and/or home visits, and more.
  • Customer Service Line - Also for our Medicare patients, a customer service line is available toll-free at 1-877-619-5900.