Related Organizations

Professional Organizations

American Association for Respiratory Care

The AARC supports the profession through lobbying efforts, publishing a monthly scientific journal and a news journal, and organizing national meetings.

Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care

The CoARC accredits respiratory therapy schools ensuring the quality and content of educational programs.

National Board for Respiratory Care

The NBRC awards credentials in respiratory care.  Click here to learn more about Credentials in Respiratory Therapy.

Sponsoring Institutions

The Respiratory Care Program is structured as a consortium. This means that both Crozer-Chester Medical Center (CCMC) and Delaware County Community College (DCCC) sponsor the program.  All academic and student support services are provided by DCCC. Upon successful completion of the program, the college awards an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Crozer-Chester Medical Center provides medical direction, clinical practice and specialized coursework. Upon successful completion of the program, the consortium awards a Certificate of Completion. It is this certificate that qualifies graduates for voluntary and legal credentialing. Visit the DCCC or the Crozer web sites.

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