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Curricula and Schedules

Curricula by Year (4-week Blocks)




Inpatient General Pediatrics (3) Inpatient General Pediatrics (2) Inpatient General Pediatrics (2)
Inpatient Subspecialty* Neurology* Inpatient Mixed Subspecialty*
NICU (2) NICU Cardiology*
Trauma PICU* PICU*
Emergency Medicine* Emergency Medicine* Child Protection/Child Advocacy
Developmental Pediatrics Pulmonology
Emergency Medicine* (Fast track)

Ambulatory Pediatrics

Ambulatory Pediatrics (2) Ambulatory Pediatrics

Career Track Elective

Adolescent Medicine Adolescent Medicine or Selective

Newborn Nursery


Newborn Nursery


Career Track Elective (2) Career Track Elective (3)



*Nemours/A.I. duPont Hospital for Children

Call Schedule

  • Crozer Inpatient Blocks - Two 5-day weeks of night float and one 24-hour day/night per block. 
  • NICU Inpatient Blocks – Every 4th night on weekdays until 8 pm, 2 weekend days.
  • All Other Blocks - weekend call
  • 1 Call-free Block/year During PL-2 and PL-3
  • DuPont Rotations (PICU, inpatient): dependent on rotation schedule

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