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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the residency program?

Three years.

How many residency positions are available?

There are four positions per training year.

What are some of the residency program's training methodologies?

Along with clinical, medical, and surgical experience, formal lectures by the professional staff are integrated into the residents' training as well as regularly scheduled workshops, discussions, and x-ray reviews. Residents review recently published articles in a journal club/ book club. In addition, second-year residents are involved in teaching first-year residents and other students, which serves to reinforce residents teaching skills as well as their own knowledge.

What is emphasized in the curriculum for Podiatric Surgery in Medicine?

The podiatric surgical and medical rotations provide diverse training in clinical skills and operative cases, techniques, and procedures, and include direct participation of residents as surgeons or primary residents on an appropriate number of cases. Residents demonstrate progressive development of knowledge and skills in surgical areas including soft tissue, digital, lesser metatarsal, first metatarsal, rear foot, and ankle surgeries to include trauma of the foot and ankle.

What are residents' call responsibilities?

Residents are on call on a rotating basis. There is backup provided by the second- and third-year residents. Call is scheduled in such a way to reduce as much stress on residents as possible.

How can I schedule a visit?

We welcome student visitations whether it be for the day or to our weekly academic meetings.

To schedule a visit, please email our student coordinator, Kevin Kihira, at yusuke.kihira@crozer.org.

Weekly surgery scheduled are tentatively planned on the previous Friday, so contacting us on a Friday or Saturday is best when planning a visit for the following week.

Weekly academic meetings are held at Springfield Hospital at 6 p.m. each Thursday.

Please contact us prior to coming to confirm time and place in case last minute changes have been made.

I would like more information about the Crozer Chester Medical Center Podiatric Medicine and Surgical Residency Program - whom should I contact?

Dr. William M. Urbas, DPM, EAC FAS -Program Director
Anna Kempf, Podiatric Residency Program Coordinator

Mailing Address:
Podiatric Residency
Crozer-Chester Medical Center 
1 Medical Center Boulevard, Upland PA 19013
Attention: Anna Kempf

Phone: 610-447-6354

Fax: 610-619-7409

Email: anna.kempf@crozer.org

How to Apply

Applications are accepted through CASPR, a central, online application service of the American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine (AACPM).

Apply Here