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Epilepsy and Seizures

Epilepsy is a neurological condition involving the brain that makes people more susceptible to having recurrent seizures. It is one of the most common disorders of the nervous system and affects people of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds. Almost 2.2 million Americans live with epilepsy.

What Is a Seizure?

A seizure happens when parts of the brain receive a burst of abnormal electrical signals that temporarily interrupt normal electrical brain function.

Different Types of Seizures

The type of seizure depends on which part and how much of the brain is affected and what happens during the seizure. The two broad categories of epileptic seizures are generalized seizures (absence, atonic, tonic-clonic, myoclonic) and partial (simple and complex) seizures. Within these categories, there are several different types of seizures.

Epilepsy Monitoring

Designed for patients who suffer from seizures and who may be difficult to diagnose, physicians, nurses and technicians who are experts in epilepsy are dedicated to monitoring and attending to the personal care and comfort of each patient.

Patients typically stay for several days while receiving continuous video electroencephalography (EEG) monitoring, which records the electrical impulses from the brain that can cause seizures.

The monitoring helps neurologists learn more about the type and frequency of seizures patients have to help determine the best treatment plans. And because patients are monitored in an inpatient setting, they receive timely access to both routine and critical medical services. Physicians are able to continuously check the status of patients. By logging into a secure server, physicians can monitor patients and make decisions about their patients even from home.

Crozer Health neurologists are committed to keeping family members and referring physicians up-to-date about patients’ progress.



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