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Crozer-Chester Medical Center Achieves Highest Possible Level of Stroke Care Certification

Crozer Health’s Crozer-Chester Medical Center recently became certified by The Joint Commission – a national organization that accredits healthcare organizations – as a Comprehensive Stroke Center. This is the highest possible stroke certification, issued to fewer than 200 hospitals across the country, and Crozer-Chester Medical Center is the first Comprehensive Stroke Center in Delaware County. 

This certification means that Crozer-Chester Medical Center has the infrastructure, team, training, and expertise required to diagnose and treat the most complex stroke cases, leading to better patient outcomes.  Every second counts when someone is experiencing a stroke, and now, people in the region can get potentially life-saving care more quickly.

Crozer Health partners with Global Neurosciences Institute (GNI) on its stroke program, and together created the GNI at Crozer Center of Excellence at Crozer-Chester Medical Center.  It includes advanced operating room technology, 24/7 availability of neurosurgeons, and a specially trained stroke-focused team. These components allow for faster diagnosis and treatment, resulting in better patient outcomes and a lower risk of complications.

“Comprehensive Stroke Certification provides patients having the most serious strokes in Delaware County - and well beyond the county’s borders - with the best level of care,” said Erol Veznedaroglu, M.D., FACS, FAANS, FAHA, President and CEO of GNI. “While primary stroke centers have become the standard of care in most hospitals, it’s the comprehensive centers that are able to provide the most advanced level of care. We work closely with our network of primary stroke centers and EMS squads in the region to determine which patients should remain at their local community hospital versus being transferred for a higher level of care to our comprehensive Center. Most importantly, this leads to the best patient outcomes.”

According to The Joint Commission, there are over 110 primary stroke centers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Only five comprehensively designated stroke centers in the Philadelphia region receive the most serious stroke patients transferred from primary stroke centers throughout the tri-state region.

“Achieving Comprehensive Stroke Certification status is testimony to the commitment made by both Crozer Health and GNI,” said Peter Adamo, CEO at Crozer Health. “Combining the talents of these two organizations three years ago resulted in one of the most highly functioning neurosciences institutes in the region. I’m proud of this team, and I’ve witnessed excellent outcomes and quality of life for patients with the most serious strokes.”