About Our Staff

The staff at the Crozer Health Surgery Center at Brinton Lake share a few things in common – a high level of skill in their specialty, a strong sense of compassion, and a desire to give our patients the best possible experience on their day of surgery.

With a combined total of over 150 years of experience, our highly-skilled nursing staff makes the safety and comfort of our patients a priority. The nurses in the preoperative and postoperative areas are BLS and ACLS trained. In the operating room, all of our nurses have 10 plus years of experience in their specialty. And our pediatric patients are cared for only by PALS-trained nurses and pediatric-trained anesthesia staff, all of whom are very talented at making children feel comfortable and relaxed.

But beyond training, our staff demonstrates a keen understanding of certain factors that can’t be taught. Things like the fact that surgery can be very stressful for patients and that each patient has different needs. That’s why we’re prepared to provide the personal care necessary for each individual situation. Working as a team, our goal is to make your visit safe, smooth and efficient.