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CDC Vaccine Information Statements

Vaccine Information Statements are standardized information sheets that objectively communicate the benefits and possible adverse reactions to a multitude of vaccines. Vaccine Information Statements are developed by the staff of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and undergo intense scrutiny by panels of experts for accuracy. Each information sheet provides the patient with all required information regarding the indication, risks, benefits and other information specific to the vaccine.

Required Under Federal Law

Under federal law, all healthcare providers are required to provide the appropriate current Vaccine Information Statements prior to administering the vaccine to a child or an adult. The child’s parent, legal representative, or adult representative must receive the document before the vaccine is administered. In addition, adults must also receive a Vaccine Information Statement prior to being administered a vaccine. Healthcare providers also must document the date the vaccine was given, as well as the edition date of the information sheet.

How to Access Vaccine Information Statements

To assist you with these requirements, you can find a direct link to the CDC Vaccine Information Statement website, www.immunize.org/vis directly below. On the direct link, you will find a copy of the federal regulation as well as a vaccine information sheet for every vaccine in more than 30 languages. Please note that the CDC periodically updates information sheets, so you should check back frequently to ensure you are handing out the most current version of the information sheet.

CDC Vaccine Information Statements Website

Vaccine Information Sheet to Print and Post

For your convenience, we have also provided you with a flyer that explains the federal law, defines Vaccine Information Statements, and outlines general requirements to post in your offices.

Federal Regulation Information Sheet (PDF)