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Patient Transfer Center

Crozer Health ’s Transfer Center is a centralized, streamlined system to help medical professionals quickly and efficiently transfer patients to hospitals within the health system.

Transfer Center Phone Line Available 24/7

The Transfer Center phone line, 1-877-2-GET-BED (877-243-8233) is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Full Range of Services

The Transfer Center enables professionals from any health system to connect with Crozer Health to do the following: 

Speak directly with an attending Crozer Health physician.

Just tell us the type of physician you need to get the process started. Find a complete list of specialties here. We can also connect you with specific physicians and groups within the health system.

Get the patient accepted for transfer to a Crozer Health hospital promptly.

The Transfer Center can facilitate transfer to any Crozer Health inpatient hospital, including:

  • Crozer-Chester Medical Center
  • Delaware County Memorial Hospital
  • Taylor Hospital
  • Springfield Hospital

Crozer Health offers such advanced services as burn care, trauma care, kidney transplant, cardiovascular surgery, interventional cardiology services, stroke care, neonatal intensive care units and more.

Find a complete list of Crozer Health services.

Get an ambulance or helicopter dispatched to pick up a patient right away.

Our paramedics, nurses and EMTs are trained to meet a high standard of care.

Direct Patient Admissions into CKHS Hospitals, Critical Care Ambulance Service, Referrals to CKHS Emergency Departments.

Direct Patient Admissions Into CKHS Hospitals

For direct patient admission into Crozer Health hospitals, please call:

  • Crozer-Chester Medical Center: 1-877-2-GET-BED (877-243-8233)
  • Delaware County Memorial Hospital: 610-284-8695
  • Springfield Hospital: 610-328-8705; after 7:30 p.m., page the Nursing Supervisor at 610-604-8368.
  • Taylor Hospital: 610-595-6140; after 6:30 p.m., call the Nursing Supervisor at 610-595-6060.

Critical Care Ambulance Service

Call 1-866-283-3339

Crozer Health ’s Critical Care Ambulance Service provides inter-system transfer to Crozer-Chester Medical Center for high-risk patients who require advanced care, including invasive monitoring or hemodynamic management.

Critical Care Ambulance Service team members use state-of-the-art equipment for the treatment of critical patients, including:

  • Transport ventilator
  • Pro-pac transport monitor for hemodynamic monitoring
  • IV infusion pumps
  • Wave form capnography

After transferring a patient to Crozer for critical care, our service is able to transfer the same patient back to the original referring hospital for continued care, as needed.  

Patient Referrals to CKHS Emergency Departments

Crozer Health 's Emergency Departments are here to support you and your patients. If you are unable to see your patients during normal office hours, feel free to contact one of our Emergency Departments to let them know your patient will be arriving:

  • Crozer-Chester Medical Center Information is pending.
  • Delaware County Memorial Hospital 
    Main Number: 610-284-8400 and ask for Triage
  • Springfield Hospital
    Emergency Department: 610-328-8730 ask for physician on duty. 
  • Taylor Hospital 
    Emergency Department: 610-595-6480, Press 1.