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Crozer-Chester Medical Center Continuing Medical Education Earns Accreditation with Commendation


By Grant Gegwich


Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Upland

Crozer-Chester Medical Center recently earned a six-year re-accreditation from the Pennsylvania Medical Society to provide continuing medical education (CME) activities to physicians and allied health professionals.

Crozer earned the highest possible accreditation – “Accreditation with Commendation.” To reach this level, programs must comply with all standard criteria as well as six additional criteria focusing on improvements to professional practice, change management, quality improvement and improved patient outcomes. Programs that reach this goal, like Crozer, earn a six-year reaccreditation term (compared to two or four years for lower levels of accreditation).

“We are pleased that the efforts of our staff and committee have been recognized with Accreditation with Commendation. We look forward to continuing to offer high-quality continuing medical education activities for our physicians and allied health professions to increase their knowledge, competence, and performance as we work collaboratively with many other departments throughout Crozer to improve patient outcomes,” said John Hiehle, M.D., chair of the CME Committee as well as chair of Radiology at Crozer.

Crozer’s CME program was created in 1970 to help ensure that staff members have access to information about the latest developments in the medical field. Today, the program includes a range of recurring meetings in a wide variety of medical and surgical disciplines, as well as special symposiums held at Crozer and other locations.

Hiehle thanked the physicians and staff members on the CME Committee, particularly Michaele Bartenbach, CME coordinator, for their hard work during the re-accreditation process.

To learn more about Crozer Health CME programs, visit www.crozerkeystone.org/CME.

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