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Crozer Health Behavioral Health Administrator Educates Delaware County Criminal Justice System on Substance Use Disorder and Recovery


Stacie Nawn, Senior Administrative Director for Substance Abuse Services with Crozer Health’s Behavioral Health team, recently presented a virtual training on Understanding Substance Use Disorder and Recovery in the Criminal Justice System. This is the first of a three-part training she will offer to those working in the Delaware County criminal justice system, including probation/parole officers, judges, district attorneys, public defenders, law enforcement personnel, and others.

The goal of these trainings is to educate and inform these professionals on how the population that suffers with Substance Use Disorder and other mental health diagnoses are impacted in their daily life, and offer tools and resources that can be helpful when working with those who are suffering. Crozer Health was invited to offer these trainings because of the close partnership the health system – particularly Dr. Kevin Caputo and his team – has with the county and court system regarding behavioral health treatment instead of incarceration.

Crozer Health’s Behavioral Health team aims to design new and innovative initiatives to serve people suffering with Substance Use Disorder. Nawn’s training addressed how the disorder is more than just the use of drugs – it impacts one’s thinking and behaviors, and she discussed how professionals need to carefully address those dynamics in the treatment setting. She offered examples of what they may see in their particular setting and what tools they can utilize to help those suffering. Her next trainings will address Understanding Co-occurring Disorders in the Criminal Justice System and Medicated Assisted Treatment.

The training was well received by all who attended. “I am very excited to have the opportunity to enhance the understanding of SUD and its impacts,” Nawn said.