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Weight Loss Surgery

Eat better. Drink more water. Go to the gym. These are all standard suggestions for losing weight and you’ve probably heard them all before. Missing from this advice is what to do when these traditional methods don’t work.

If diet and exercise have repeatedly failed to produce successful long-term results for you, weight loss surgery may be able to help.

The Crozer Health Comprehensive Bariatric Surgery Program

At the Crozer Health Comprehensive Bariatric Surgery Program, we believe reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is a lifelong commitment. But, surgery is just one part of Crozer Health’s Comprehensive Bariatric Surgery Program. We’ll give you the tools and teach you how to use them – but your success depends on how you use those tools.

Your first step on the road to healthy weight loss is free bariatric surgery educational seminars where all of the available surgical options are explained in detail. Bariatric seminars are held regularly at Crozer-Chester Medical Center, Delaware County Memorial Hospital and Crozer Brinton Lake.

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