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Crozer Health’s Cardio-Oncology Program offers the latest advanced techniques to detect and manage heart disease in cancer patients. Our cardiologists work collaboratively with oncologists and primary care physicians to identify those at greatest risk and structure a detailed plan of care.

What is Cardio-Oncology?

A growing body of research proves that certain chemotherapy drugs are toxic to the heart. Cardio-oncology is a new field of medicine. Currently, there are only a few programs across the United States.

Physicians trained in cardio-oncology understand the complex cause-and-effect relationship between chemotherapy drugs and cardiovascular disease. As a member of the cancer patient’s care team, Crozer Health’s cardio-oncology specialists work to prevent cardiovascular disease from occurring or progressing.

Who is at Greatest Risk?

Anyone who has been treated with certain chemotherapy agents is at risk of developing cardiovascular complications. Disease onset can occur anywhere from weeks to years after completion of chemotherapy treatment. The risk goes up significantly if the patient has a family or personal history of heart disease.

Evaluation and Treatment Options

Patients are evaluated using all or a combination of the following options:

  • Medical history, including the use of chemotherapy agents
  • Blood tests
  • 3D echocardiogram with strain imaging. Currently the gold-standard in the detection of cardiac toxicity, “strain echo” can reveal subtle changes in heart function that traditional echocardiography alone does not pick up.

Our cardiologists’ goal is to prevent chemotherapy-induced heart disease or to minimize damage to the heart in patients with existing cardiovascular disease.

Medical management typically includes medication, such as an ACE inhibitor or beta-blocker. Follow-up strain echocardiography is essential to ensure that cardiovascular disease has not developed or progressed.

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