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Hospital Medicine

Round-the-Clock Coverage. Compassionate, Comprehensive Care.

Crozer Health ’s hospitalists serve as a patient’s primary care physician while the patient is hospitalized.

Providing round-the-clock care allows our hospitalists to be available at any time to discuss diagnosis and treatment, as well as any other concerns that may arise during hospitalization. Hospitalists remain in constant communication with the primary care physician as well as any subspecialty physicians that the patient may see while hospitalized. Once patients are discharged, they are instructed to return to the care of their primary doctor, who receives a complete summary of the patient’s hospital treatment.

Having a hospitalist program affords primary care physicians more time to see patients in offices, since the hospitalist handle the rounding that those physicians used to do in the hospital. They are also a valuable resource for nurses, case managers and social workers because of their round-the-close availability.