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Life After Living Donation

While you will have multiple follow-up office visits and laboratory tests with the Kidney Transplant Team up to a year after the surgery, your life should return to normal fairly quickly. After the first year, unless unexpected complications occur, you will return to the care of your family doctor. It’s important to attend all appointments to make sure that you are recovering appropriately.

Although recovery time varies, most kidney donors return to normal activities after four to six weeks, depending on the physical demands of your daily living and work tasks. You may not be able to drive for up to two weeks. You may have lifting restrictions for at least six weeks. It is important to talk to the Kidney Transplant Team about what to expect.

Returning to Work

Your health at the time of transplant and the type of job you have will determine how quickly you may return to work. During your initial follow-up visits, your Transplant Physician will let you know when you can resume your normal activities. Generally, most patients return to work on a part-time basis then gradually work up to full-time.

Pregnancy After Living Donation

Although studies have shown that kidney donation does not affect the completion of a safe pregnancy and childbirth, it is typically recommended to wait to become pregnant at least six months after surgery. Be sure to talk with your physician or gynecologist about your interest in donation and the effect it could have on future pregnancies.

For Additional Information

If you have a question about Living Donor transplants at Crozer Health, email kidney@crozer.org or call 610-619-8420.

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