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Women's Health

As an adult, you know that staying on top of your health is important.

Of course, as a woman, you also know that many of your health concerns are personal in nature. At Crozer Health, we understand. That’s why we built a comprehensive women’s health program that addresses the issues women face and the topics they care about most. The best part? Our compassionate women’s health specialists deliver these services with the same level of dedication that we put into creating them.

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OB/GYN Services

Maternity Care Services

Our expert staffs of obstetricians, family physicians, midwives, perinatologists, neonatologists, anesthesiologists and nurses care for you and your baby, responding to your varied needs with the highest degree of skill, professionalism and compassion. Crozer Health ’s maternity healthcare providers have offices throughout Delaware County and northern Delaware.


With a commitment to women’s special health needs, Crozer Health gynecologists offer skilled and compassionate care as well as an array of services and treatments for our female patients of all ages.

Specialty Care for All Stages of Life

Whether you’re about to enter high school, a working mother or preparing for retirement, women face many challenges when it comes to maintaining their health at every stage of life.

Crozer Health is committed to meeting this challenge by providing a variety of specialized services that cater to all ages. From a renowned maternity program to experienced gynecological care to breast health expertise—and everything in between—it’s no wonder more Delaware County women turn to Crozer Health for skilled, personal and reliable health and wellness services than anywhere else.

Breast Health Services

Crozer Health's board-certified physicians are dedicated to the detection and timely treatment of breast disease and breast cancer.

Breast Imaging Services

Most breast problems are not causes for alarm. However, when a woman finds a lump or has an abnormal mammogram, she wants to be seen by a specialist right away. Crozer Health offers diagnostic imaging services for women, including mammography and digital mammography, breast MRIs, needle localization with sentinel node mapping, ultrasound imaging and breast biopsies.

Cardiovascular Care

There's a common misconception that heart disease is primarily a concern for men, when in fact, the American Heart Association sites heart disease as the leading cause of death in women. Heart disease affects women differently and the warning signs for women aren't the same as for men.

Gynecologic Oncology

Our gynecologic oncologists are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of pre-malignant and malignant conditions of the female reproductive system, including the cervix, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina, as well as gestational trophophobic disease an unusual complication of pregnancy.

Maternal Fetal Medicine

We provide the most comprehensive and specialized care to expectant mothers who have a higher risk of complications during pregnancy. Our Perinatal Mental Health Program works with women 16 and over who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy and are seeking psychiatric support.

Menopause Services

Crozer Health offers an array of programs for women before, during and after menopause. Some services are provided right in your provider’s office, while others are conveniently located at facilities throughout Delaware County.

Midwifery Services

Crozer Health Service's midwives treat women with respect and dignity and help them feel empowered about their bodies, their babies and their lives. They are committed to providing gentle, personalized care, with a full range of maternity and gynecologic services.

Osteoporosis Care

Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by weak, brittle bones, which dramatically increases a person’s risk for broken bones and is the most common condition experienced by women over the age of 50. Early diagnosis and treatment helps patients and physicians to best manage the effects of osteoporosis.

Premature Labor

If you think you’re having preterm labor or if you have any of the warning signs, call your healthcare provider (doctor, midwife or nurse) or go to the hospital right away. Call even if you have only one warning sign. Prompt attention can prevent preterm labor from progressing to a premature delivery.


Crozer Health's Women’s Behavioral Health Program provides behavioral health services to women 16 and over in an outpatient setting. The program was developed to help women who are experiencing depression; dealing with emotional reactions to infertility, pregnancy or postpartum; have experienced the loss of a pregnancy or death of an infant; or are experiencing psychiatric symptoms related to cancer.


Our board-certified urogynecologists recognize that urinary incontinence or pelvic floor disorders are not an inevitable side effect of aging. In fact, there are treatment options available, and there’s no reason to let it interfere with your quality of life.

Women’s Health Needs at Every Stage of Life

Women’s health demands special care. With a full spectrum of integrated programs encompassing every stage of life, from childhood to the senior years, Crozer Health’s highly skilled, compassionate providers make women’s wellness a priority.