Clinical Disclaimer

The Widener-Crozer Allied Health Program in Radiologic Technology has revised its policy, as of 11/2014, regarding the placement of students in mammography clinical rotations to observe and/or perform breast imaging. All students, both male and female are equally offered an Advanced Imaging Elective rotation, as described by the JRCERT, whereby every student has the opportunity to elect to go to an Advanced Imaging Modality for a week, as part of their clinical experience. This allows the students equitable learning opportunities in such areas are MRI, IR, CT, Radiation Therapy, Cardiac Cath and Mammography.

Under the revised policy, all students, male and female, will be offered the opportunity to participate in mammography clinical rotations. The program will make every effort to place a male student in a mammography clinical rotation if requested; however, the program is not in a position to override clinical setting policies that restrict clinical experiences in mammography to female students. Male students are advised that placement in a mammography rotation is not guaranteed and is subject to the availability of a clinical setting that allows males to participate in mammographic imaging procedures. The program will not deny female students the opportunity to participate in mammography rotations if clinical settings are not available to provide the same opportunity to male students.

(Additionally, the policy may be applied to any imaging procedures performed by professionals who are of the opposite gender of the patient.) 

The change in the program’s policy regarding student clinical rotations in mammography is based on the sound rationale presented in a position statement on student mammography clinical rotations adopted by the Board of Directors of the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) at its April 2016 meeting. The JRCERT position statement is included as Addendum A to the program’s policy and is also available on the JRCERT Web site,, Programs & Faculty, Program Resources.

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