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Medical Student Electives Rotations

Thank you for your interest in our student clerkship program. We are a full-service, family medicine teaching center offering prenatal to geriatric family care.

We have many medical providers on our staff including attending faculty, resident physicians, a nurse practitioner, behavioral scientist, clinical pharmacists, a nurse case manager and medical students.

Our clinical faculty include specialists in sports medicine, obstetrics, geriatrics, and women's health. Our goal is to provide a friendly environment in which to teach family physicians quality patient care.

Your Elective Experience

At our Center, we offer 4-week fourth year elective rotations for interested medical students. We give preference to MS IV who are pursuing family medicine for their residency with one week on our inpatient team. During your rotation, you will spend the majority of the time caring for patients in the outpatient setting. Medical students will have access to our computer-based resources and full EMR.

Urban Underserved Experience

Medical students will also spend time at our Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), which is located in an urban setting. This office incorporates many challenging aspects of Family Medicine in today's urban environment by serving an extremely diverse international and medically underserved population. It is not unusual to see patients from Asia, Europe, South and Central America and Africa in a single office session. Find additional information.

Enrichment Activities

Based on your interests, we may be able to tailor your experience to include opportunities such as working with sports medicine physicians, participating at OB clinics or working with our complex care team.


Sports medicine enrichment includes pre-participation physicals at our local schools; attending various sporting events and assisting a team physician; one-on-one time with sports medicine specialists at the Healthplex® Sports Club; and working with physical therapists in developing rehabilitation programs for patients. We also offer a twice per month sports medicine clinic day for our CFH patients at our office.


This activity includes geriatric lectures, in-office geriatric assessment, home visits with the Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, and nursing home care with a Geriatrician.


Family-centered OB/prenatal visits and high-risk OB rounds are included in the obstetrics enrichment activities. Women's health issues such as birth control, routine PAP smears, mammograms and other health maintenance items--including cancer prevention, cardiovascular health, mental health and osteoporosis prevention--are addressed in the office. 


Students see patients with the Clinical Psychologist to discuss issues such as depression and anxiety, adjustment to medical illness and dealing with stressful family dynamics. We also have psychology students rotating in our Springfield office who are able to provide low cost/free patient counseling services.


You will have exposure to various procedures routinely done in the out-patient setting including cryosurgery, joint injection and aspiration, skin lesion removal, endometrial biopsy, colposcopy and IUD placement.

We greatly look forward to participating in your medical education and exposing you to the dynamic specialty of Family Medicine. If you are interested in setting up an elective with us, please contact the Residency Coordinator at (610) 690-4471 or send an email to fmresidency@crozer.org.

How to Apply and Interview

All applications to the Crozer Health Family Medicine Residency Program must come through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). The deadline for receiving applications is December 31.

Contact Us:

For more information, please contact:

Crozer Health Family Medicine Residency
1260 East Woodland Avenue, Suite 200
Springfield, PA 19064

Phone: 610-690-4471

E-mail: fmresidency@crozer.org