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Resident Wellness

Our Family Medicine Residency Program wants you to feel supported and balanced as one our residents. We offer the following resident wellness programs to make sure you have what you need for personal and professional success.

Support Groups: Each class meets with their support group leader throughout the year

Balint Groups: A Balint group is a group of clinicians,  who meet regularly to present clinical cases in order to improve and to better understand the clinician-patient relationship.  Balint also gives providers an opportunity to connect with each other about shared experiences and to feel supported and validated from the process. A Balint group session begins with a member presenting a case for the group to discuss. The group learns about the patient through the presenter’s story and about how their relationship seems to the clinician. During the facilitated discussion, the group members uncover different and new perceptions about the patient's and physician’s feelings and their experiences with each other. The success of a group depends on its members being honest, respectful, and supportive of divergent opinions.  The content of the group is confidential.

Wellness Curriculum: Five half-day sessions of protected time throughout the year during second and third years

Buddy system in place for intern support

Wellness Events: Annual program retreat, PGY-1 orientation wellness event led by our chief residents, PGY-2 orientation wellness event led by faculty (Escape room last three years), annual end of year picnic

Free Gym membership at the Springfield YMCA

How to Apply and Interview

All applications to the Crozer Health Family Medicine Residency Program must come through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). The deadline for receiving applications is December 31.

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