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Our Women’s Behavioral Health Services

Crozer Health offers customized behavioral health programs for expectant mothers who are struggling with substance abuse or addiction and for women who have experienced the loss of a pregnancy or death of an infant.  

Helping Infants Born with Addiction

Pregnant women who take opiates or narcotics can pass those drugs to their unborn baby, and the baby can become physically dependent and go through withdrawal at birth. In these cases, the infant likely requires hospitalization and treatment.

These babies who are born at a Crozer Health hospital will receive specialized treatment while they go through withdrawal. Our experts in maternal-fetal medicine, neonatology, pediatrics, and behavioral health provide care for these mothers and babies from pregnancy through the child’s early development.

Expectant Mothers Managing Addiction (EMMA) Program

The EMMA support program is for women who are currently enrolled in the Crozer Health Recovery Center for intensive outpatient treatment and are pregnant or recently had a baby.

We offer:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy to help develop positive coping strategies
  • Motivational interviewing and education
  • Healthy Start

Prevention, Education, Addiction, Recovery and Linkage (PEARL) Program

The PEARL program offers a wide array of services to help pregnant women, who are members of the Keystone First insurance plan, who are struggling with substance abuse want to develop a healthy lifestyle and have a healthy baby. Our team works with mothers before they give birth and provides ongoing support and services until the baby reaches two years of age.

Perinatal Loss Program 

Our Perinatal Loss Program offers services to parents experiencing a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, or neonatal death. The team provides a range of services, delivered with compassion, to help parents deal with their grief, including:

  • Pre-hospital phone support to discuss options
  • In-hospital services, including literature, picture taking, and mementos
  • Counselors specially-trained on making difficult decisions

Explore our women's behavioral health offerings.