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General References

Top Reference Sites

Judith Ziegler, Crozer-Chester Medical Center Library Director

  1. LibrarySpot
    Forbes mag rates this the best of the reference sites--fantastic for reference-don't miss this one!
  2. Librarian's index to the Internet
    A comprehensive index of Internet sites covering a wide variety of subjects.
  3. Reference
    All right, so you don't need the atomic clock! A great site anyway for the odd and the unusual with a great layout to find the stuff.
  4. The WWW Virtual Library
    If there are any words to describe how unbelievably huge the resources that the WWW virtual library links you to are, you're sure to find them through here. Started by CERN, and maintained by volunteers, the Virtual Library links you to everything and anything you could ever want to know about. Surprisingly easy to use.

Other References

Index of Social Security On-Line
Everything you need to know about Social Security - benefits information, publications on Medicare, FAQ's, facts, figures, and more.

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
Like C-Span, useful and interesting. The site provides regular news updates from the congressional floor, voting records, committee information, historical documents, and links to your representatives. From the Library of Congress.