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Contracted Providers

It is critical that you sign up for the appropriate class. We will be auditing class participation and if you attend the wrong session, you may not be able to gain access to a Cerner User Name and Password. If you have any questions, please contact Samuel.alfano@crozer.org

Course Options

Provider – Anesthesia

Provider - Anesthesia Registration Link Part 1

Provider - Anesthesia Registration Link Part 2

Intended Audience: Anesthesiologist, CRNAs, anesthesiology physician assistants, anesthesiology providers

Please note- anesthesiologists, CRNAs, or PAs for anesthesia: your class is in two parts and you MUST TAKE BOTH PARTS in order to be granted system access. Each part is four hours in length. There are days with the option to take Part 1 in the morning and Part 2 in the afternoon.

This class consists of a total of eight hours of instruction that is segmented into two four-hour classes. Sessions must be taken in order and both sessions must be taken in order to complete the content and get a system sign-on.

This class will demonstrate the necessary information to perform pre-anesthesia evaluations, place orders, create an anesthesia record, and complete a post-anesthesia evaluation. It will also demonstrate an understanding of how to complete documentation, approve or refuse an order, print an anesthesia record and billing summary for a completed case, and document the administration of a blood product.


Provider – ED

Provider – ED Registration Link

Intended Audience:  Emergency department provider, emergency department medicine medical director, emergency residents

Please note: Emergency providers should sign up for Provider - ED.

This four-hour class will demonstrate the core information that emergency department providers will need to document on patients during their stay including utilizing LaunchPoint, working with Orders, using Workflow MPages, setting up and completing documentation, prescribing medications, working with Message Center, and more.


Provider – Radiologist

Provider – Radiologist Registration Link

Intended Audience: Radiologists

Please note: Radiologists should sign up for Provider – Radiologist.

This class will demonstrate a basic overview of RDT as well as how to access PowerChart through this application. This class is intended for Radiologists as a basic overview of RDT and chart navigation.


Provider - Inpatient Only

Provider - Inpatient Only Registration Link

Intended Audience: Providers with caseloads only in the inpatient setting, including hospitalists, infectious disease, intensivists, nephrologists, neurologists, detox/rehab, etc.

Please note: Hospitalists should sign up for Provider - Inpatient Only. 

This four-hour class will demonstrate the necessary information for providers who ONLY work in the inpatient/hospital setting, this class will provide a foundational overview for providers utilizing PowerChart for their daily activities. It will demonstrate the necessary processes to organize your patient lists, navigate the patient chart to locate relevant information, place orders, complete documentation, and utilize communication tools within the PowerChart application. The functionality of these processes will be used to demonstrate patient admission, care management, transfer, and discharge.


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