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Crozer Health Introduces New Digital Resuscitation Education


Innovative Program Verifies CPR Competence to Help Increase Cardiac Arrest Survival

Patients who suffer a cardiac arrest must receive the highest quality CPR possible, which is known to be the cornerstone for survival. More than 209,000 in-hospital cardiac arrests occur annually in the U.S. with survival rates at about 26 percent from adult in-hospital cardiac arrest. For decades, the CPR training standard for healthcare providers has been Basic Life Support with a requirement for participants to renew their course completion card every two years. However, studies show CPR skills can decay within three to six months following this training.

Crozer Health, a community-focused health care system that provides quality, patient-centric care and explores and introduces new technologies for delivering that care, recognizes the importance of high-quality CPR competence and performance to save more lives. Today, the health system, which is operated by Prospect Medical Holdings, announced implementation of Resuscitation Quality Improvement® (RQI®), a program co-developed by the American Heart Association and Laerdal Medical, to help clinicians at the system’s four hospitals achieve sustained mastery of high-quality CPR skills and competence, resulting in improved patient outcomes.

Crozer Health continues its longstanding commitment to and progressive stance in employing innovative solutions to advance patient care with adoption of the program, launching RQI at Crozer-Chester Medical Center, Delaware County Memorial Hospital, Springfield Hospital and Taylor Hospital and enrolling more than 4,000 learners. The system is deploying 12 RQI simulation stations, including two mobile units, to deliver Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support course instruction. The stations are positioned throughout the hospitals, affording learners with greater flexibility and 24/7 access to resuscitation education.

“Adopting the RQI program aligns with our commitment to patient safety and ensuring that our providers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently administer lifesaving interventions,” said Peter Adamo, Crozer Health CEO. “We take great pride in providing high quality patient care and look forward to offering this CPR learning solution that will help us save lives.”

RQI is self-directed, simulation-based mastery learning and performance provided through cognitive and hands-on CPR quality improvement sessions that measure and verify competence. The program employs a “low-dose, high-frequency” model requiring healthcare providers to complete course assignments in short sessions every quarter. In 2018, the American Heart Association, the world’s leading voluntary organization dedicated to a world of longer, healthier lives, and Laerdal Medical, the world leader in medical simulation and resuscitation training, called for a new standard of care by shifting resuscitation practice from training once every two years to verified CPR competence for healthcare professionals.

“We are excited Crozer Health is fully embracing the RQI program and working with the American Heart Association and Laerdal Medical to shift to a new standard of resuscitation care – competence,” said Bill Thompsen, senior vice president, Health Strategies, American Heart Association, Eastern States. “This illustrates the system’s commitment to making high-quality CPR a priority across the organization and furthering our shared mission to improve patient care and help save more lives.”

To learn more about the RQI program and the value it brings to hospitals, patient care and local communities, visit heart.org, www.laerdal.com and www.rqipartners.com.