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Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Psychiatric rehabilitation services assist persons with functional disabilities resulting from mental illness to develop, enhance, or retain:

  • Psychiatric stability,
  • Social competencies,
  • Personal adjustment and
  • Independent living competencies.

Individuals can experience more success and satisfaction in the environment of their choice, and can function as independently as possible as a result of these rehabilitation services.

Planned programs consist of goal setting, functional assessment, needed and preferred skills identification and teaching and managing skills.

A combination of these rehabilitation elements provides the support and resources needed to produce a desired outcome that is consistent with the person’s cultural environment.

Our psychiatric rehabilitation program is founded on principles of consumer choice and active involvement with persons in recovery. The program is guided by the basic philosophy of rehabilitation—that people with disabilities need opportunities to identify and choose their desired roles in the community in regards to living, learning, working, and being social.

Social Skills Training

Social Steps incorporates many learning opportunities in the monthly schedule, including:

  • Healthy living,
  • Exercise,
  • Spirituality,
  • Psycho-education groups,
  • Social skills training and more.

All aspects of the program are designed to assist our individual members in reaching the next level of recovery. Our skills teaching groups not only define the unique needs of the individuals but also help them regain a sense of hope. The consumer takes an active role in his or her recovery and will graduate to a community of choice when they are ready.

Counselors establish positive and supportive relationships with each person on their caseload that are reciprocal and sensitive to the person’s cultural needs.


Recovery can be seen as a journey that takes individuals from one pathway of recovery to another. The Social Steps program uses many resources to encourage individuals to find new and innovative ways to achieve greater independence.

Self-enhancement groups are offered that include literacy, computer lab, handwriting, and money management skills. Through task projects, consumers are able to earn small amounts of change to purchase items of their choice.


Annually, Social Steps sponsors graduation for participants. This event recognizes all of the individuals’ progress and shares the graduate’s ultimate achievement with their family, friends, and support systems. Graduates will then move forward into the community to search for a new and fulfilling life. Each graduate’s journey is different, but Social Steps provides the graduates with the necessary tools and skills to avoid pitfalls and find positive ways to achieve their goals.