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Tailored Emergency Services for Seniors

The senior services program aims to improve patient experience and bridge the gap between the care given in the Emergency Department (ED) and additional services needed for the senior population.

The ED identifies senior patients upon arrival and work quickly to move the patient into a customized room to see the physician. Several patient exam rooms have been designated in the ED for senior care and have been equipped with larger clocks and televisions and softer lighting.

Additionally, a Geriatric Coordinator is available to ensure patients over 65 years of age who visit the ED of Crozer-Chester Medical Center are scheduled for all necessary follow-up appointments and are sent home to a safe environment conducive to their continued care.

The Coordinator reviews each discharge plan and provides a clinical and social assessment of their current situation. In addition, the Geriatric Coordinator will:

  • Assist in coordination of care for the patient while they are in the ED;
  • Assist with outreach programs specific to seniors;
  • Coordinate interdisciplinary referral and evaluation of the patient wile in the ED, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and palliative medicine;
  • Work with ED nurse care manager for special needs, insurance certifications and transition to in-patient service if needed;
  • Provide patient/family education, caregiver support, staff education and serve as a patient advocate;
  • Check in with patients to ensure that the appointed follow-up care has been completed;
  • And act as a liaison between ED services and community based services in facilitating a safe transition of patients back into the community.

This program is a part of the Crozer Health Center for Geriatric Medicine. The Senior Support Line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 1-800-CKHS-KEY (800-254-7539).