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Hospice Testimonials

Eulogy From the Family of our Hospice….

During the eulogy at the funeral of our Hospice patient, the son stated... we are so grateful for all of the wonderful care that his mother and family received from Crozer-Keystone Hospice. He especially wanted to thank her Hospice nurse Rosemary…

From the Family of a Hospice Couple….

We would like to take the time to let you know how much we appreciated everything that you and your staff at Crozer-Keystone Hospice did for my Mother and Father when they recently passed. When I speak of your staff …I mean from volunteers to nurses to administration. They all made us feel like they were part of our family and shared our sorrows. They made it possible to have my Mother and Father come together before they both passed. They were married 68 years and even in their last moments …your staff made it possible for them to be together, a true love story.

Please let your staff know that we appreciate all they have done for us. They are angels in disguise, we are truly lucky to have had the pleasure of meeting them.

From the Daughter of a Hospice patient….

My Father was a patient at the Hospice Residence at Taylor Hospital and was treated with great care and dignity throughout his stay as the nurse’s carefully monitored and treated him for pain. My Sister, Brother and I along with our Dad’s loving companion were treated with the utmost compassion and respect as well. Knowing that my father was receiving the best care from exceptional nurses was a great consolation to all of us.

From the Daughter and Son of a Hospice patient…

Please share my utmost appreciation and utter awe of the wonderful Hospice staff, the gentle and soothing Annie, the comforting and smiling Maureen, April, Viv, Angela, Donna, Ozzie- all of the FANTABULOUS Hospice staff- all of them have left an incredible impression in our hearts. Thank you!

From the Daughter of a Hospice patient…

I would like to tell you all what an excellent job your staff did with my Father at the Hospice Residence. A more caring or professional group of people would be hard to find. They made my Father’s last days easier for him as well as us.  

From the Family of a Hospice patient..

Thank you for the wonderful care Joanne and your staff provided to our Mother. Your support and help during this difficult time made it so much easier!

From the Mother of a Hospice patient…

Please thank all of the Home and Inpatient Hospice staff for caring for my Daughter…you made our family feel so cared for and not so helpless during this time. Thank you!

From the Brother of a Hospice patient…

Dear Jill, I cannot thank you and Lauren and all of the loving and caring staff at Crozer-Keystone Hospice Residence in Taylor Hospital enough for all you did for my brother. You all did your very best in a professional way and a personal way to keep my brother in a place of love and respect. Your facility was clean and dignified and the staff was very supportive and yet gentle with my brother when tending to his refusal to accept his condition and fate.

Please share my thoughts and best wishes to all of the caring nurses at in Crozer-Keystone Hospice. You are all Angels and will be rewarded for your love and care you provide to us all.

From the daughter of our Hospice patient…

I'm not sure how to say thank you for all your help and for what the whole Crozer-Keystone Hospice team did to help our Dad. When you helped our family so we could get our Dad into the right placement - we were all a mess. While the doctors described him as a "soft intake" we knew he was at the end. 

Our Dad just lost his battle with vascular disease. He did not go without a fight but that is what made him who he was at 83 years. The hospice "angels" who cared for him at Crozer-Keystone Hospice Residence at Taylor Hospital were beyond compare, from the nurse manager to all the nurses and all the others who helped when we weren't there…we send a huge thank you. 

We are so glad he was able to stay in a place where we were able to spend time with him and he was able to maintain some dignity.

Sincerely……The proud children of a Hospice patient

From a Hospice patient while in the inpatient unit…

Thank you to everyone who has taken care of me and has been so kind and so good to me. You gave me my childhood dream of a horse and buggy ride.” 

From the family of a Hospice patient…

The nurses are tremendously compassionate, patient and always available to meet our needs. The Staff and the entire Hospice center are a Gift from God. There are no words great or big enough to express our gratitude and appreciation to Crozer Health Hospice.

Crozer-Keystone Hospice makes dreams come true!

April, Crozer-Keystone Hospice Social Worker, demonstrated the heart of the Hospice team. Her 60-year-old Hospice patient mentioned her lifelong goal was to graduate from college and that she was just two classes away from a degree in criminal justice. April contacted the college and arranged for her patient to receive an honorary degree. The Hospice team led by April presented her with a cake, flowers and balloons along with the framed college diploma. The Hospice patient was overwhelmed and so grateful for Crozer-Keystone's Hospice team going over and above to care for her.

From a family member of a Hospice patient … 

The patient’s son-in-law, Joe, called to say how wonderful all of the Hospice staff was. The nurses, Donna and Maureen, were excellent. The family felt prepared for what was to come. Peggy, the on call night nurse, was always so kind and professional. All of the aides were very kind and caring. The patient’s family could not thank us enough for having such a great and caring Hospice team.

From a family member of a Hospice patient … 

The patient’s niece, who is also an ER nurse, wanted to thank the wonderful nurses for the excellent care her Aunt received in the Crozer-Keystone Hospice Residence at Taylor Hospital. She was not sure of the “entire Hospice thing,” but her experience was wonderful. Special thanks to Renee, Shelly, Natalie and Christine.