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Robotic Surgery

The most precise surgery and the most advanced procedures with the least recovery time – welcome to robotic surgery at Crozer Health.

Robotic surgery allows surgeons to do complex procedures through very small incisions, allowing you to return to doing what you what to do faster and with less pain. And you can do it right here in Delaware County. With robotic surgery opportunities at both Delaware County Memorial Hospital and Crozer-Chester Medical Center, we have convenient locations for all Delco residents to experience this advanced technology.  Techniques and technology for this type of surgery improve every day, and  Crozer Health is committed to remaining on the cutting edge as it develops.


Robotic Surgery – Human-Guided Technology for a Better Experience

Robotic surgery allows surgeons to use the robot as an extension of their hands and eyes. The robot itself does NOT perform the operation on its own. Instead, your surgeon’s hands control tiny instruments that perform your procedure through very small incisions. The system allows your surgeon to see in 3D with magnification to accurately and precisely control these instruments.

Robotic systems enable our surgeons to perform the most complex surgeries not only better, but with greatly decreased pain, shorter hospital stays, and a faster returns to normal activities, especially when compared to traditional surgeries.

Surgery for Those Who Need it, Regardless of Age or Other Conditions

This less-invasive form of surgery allows procedures to be performed for patients who might not be able to have traditional “open” or “laparoscopic”. The smaller incisions cause less impact on the body, allowing for less disruption to at-risk patients’ bodies.

Increased Accuracy

In some types of surgery, robotic surgery has even been shown to be more accurate than traditional surgery, due to the image magnification and 3D imaging features used. For example, lymph node dissections are more complete in lung and esophageal surgery which can lead to a better survival rate.

Want to know more about robotic surgery? Contact us!

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