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Crozer Health Partners with Ambry Genetics® to Enable Patients to Identify Hereditary Cancer Risks


Ambry’s Comprehensive Assessment Risk and Education, CARE Program™, will provide preventative care to Crozer Health’s four hospitals.

Crozer Health, the leading health care provider in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and Ambry Genetics (“Ambry”), a leader in clinical and diagnostic testing, announced their partnership to utilize Ambry’s CARE Program to identify patients at a higher risk of developing cancer.

Under the leadership of Chantal Reyna, M.D., Medical Director of Breast Program & Chief of Breast Surgery at Crozer Health, the Crozer Health Risk Assessment Clinic will now use the Ambry’s CARE program to help patients identify and understand their cancer risks. This new partnership will use precision medicine to better care for new and existing patients.

“We’re excited to offer the CARE Program which allows us to identify patients at increased risk for breast cancer and create a personalized screening or treatment plan,” said Dr. Reyna. “Being armed with information enables patients to make informed choices about their health to either lower their risk or treat their cancer.”

Only a small fraction of people with a hereditary predisposition to cancer are aware of that fact and are tested. Genetic testing for hereditary cancer risk can help patients be proactive about their health care and make decisions with their care team on preventative surgeries, cancer screenings, and targeted cancer therapies. Together, Crozer Health and Ambry’s CARE Program will arm patients with information to understand their risk and treatment options.

“We are pleased to see an industry leader like Crozer Health emphasize that understanding genetic risk information can help improve overall patient care,” said Ambry Genetics CEO, Tom Schoenherr. “This partnership demonstrates how our CARE Program can meet the needs of a larger health system.”

The CARE Program can be seamlessly integrated into both larger and smaller health systems and as the CARE Program continues to grow, Ambry’s goal is for it to become the standard platform for all providers to adopt when looking to identifying hereditary cancer risks.

For more information, visit https://www.crozerhealth.org/breasthealth and https://www.ambrygen.com/care.

About Ambry Genetics®

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