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Geriatric Behavioral Health

Treatment of psychiatric disorders in the older adult is complex, as multiple factors interact to affect health status.

An experienced team of psychiatrists, nurses, social workers and therapeutic activity staff work together to provide the highest standard of safe care by attending to the patient’s physical, psychological and social needs.

Our psychiatrists assist patients and families with behavioral symptoms associated with dementia. Psychotherapists are available for individual, group and family therapy.

Treatment modalities are tailored to meet the individual’s needs. Services may include a combination of the following:

Inpatient Geriatric Psychiatry

Crozer Health provides inpatient evaluation and treatment of geriatric patients suffering from acute mental health disorders at Rejuvenations at Fair Acres. We accept patients from nursing homes, assisted living facilities, boarding/group homes and private homes.

Upon arrival at our skilled nursing facility, the patient will receive:

  • a comprehensive medical and psychiatric assessment,
  • an evaluation to rule out medical conditions that could be causing psychiatric symptoms, and
  • a series of diagnostic tests.

Results from these assessments and tests form the basis of a multidisciplinary treatment plan that includes thorough nursing care, individual and group therapies, and medication therapy. In addition, patients receive psychiatric evaluation daily and are monitored 24-hours a day.

Patients must have a primary psychiatric diagnosis and be experiencing symptoms that require intensive medical management in an inpatient setting.

  • Client/family education