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Surgical Oncology

When you need surgery for cancer, Crozer Health offers a full range of surgical specialties, including general, colorectal, gynecologic, head and neck, neurological, ophthalmologic, orthopedic, plastic, thoracic, and urologic surgery.

Our board-certified surgeons share a commitment to provide the highest quality of care and are experienced in the latest and least invasive surgical techniques for treating cancer.

Breast Oncology

The board-certified, fellowship-trained breast oncologists at Crozer Health offer complete, patient-centered cancer care, the latest treatment technologies, and breast health navigators to help patients every step of the way.

Patients diagnosed with breast cancer have easy access to on-site state-of-the-art surgical, radiation therapy services, and medical oncology services provided by physicians specially trained in the treatment of breast cancer. Our breast surgeons take a team approach to work closely with these physicians to provide a personalized plan of care.

Gynecologic Oncology

The gynecologic oncologists at Crozer Health are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer-related conditions of the female reproductive system, including the cervix, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and vagina, as well as gestational trophophobic disease, an unusual complication of pregnancy.

A gynecologic oncologist can perform surgery, administer chemotherapy, or recommend radiation therapy—or combine therapies—without fragmenting care among many physicians. In most cases, women receive a referral to a gynecologic oncologist from their gynecologist or primary care physician.

Urologic Oncology

Urologic oncology is a sub-specialty of urology. It deals with the special needs of people with cancer of the male and female urinary systems and the male reproductive system, including prostate cancer.

A urologic oncologist is trained in the surgical treatment of these cancers, as well as in the use of hormonal therapy for specific cancers, and chemotherapy instilled into the bladder. Our urologic oncologists emphasize multimodal therapy, which means they use many methods of treatment, including complex surgical procedures and careful attention to quality-of-life issues.

da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System

The da Vinci Robotic Surgical System incorporates the latest advances in robotics and computer technology to give surgeons exceptional control of instruments and clear, three-dimensional views similar to those obtained in traditional open surgery. The system also improves the hospital experience for patients and shortens recovery time.

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