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Structural Heart Program

Treating Valvular Heart and Aortic Diseases

Studies have shown that many patients who have severe heart valve disease are under-diagnosed and their condition remains untreated. The Crozer Health Structural Heart Program is a quality-based, protocol-driven initiative to help diagnose and treat valve and aortic diseases.

Structural heart disease is sometimes present at birth, but can also result from the aging process or other medical problems. Examples include “holes” in the heart, leaking or blocked heart valves, and enlarged arteries.

Patients who experience symptoms of heart valve disease should be evaluated and managed using a Heart Team approach. Not all patients with valve disease require surgery. Medical management may aid in the suppression of symptoms, but without potential intervention the problem could continue to progress.

It is important that patients with structural heart disease receive ongoing scheduled follow up to monitor their heart.

Structural Heart Program Team

Crozer Health's multidisciplinary Heart Team navigates the patient through the Structural Heart Program to help ensure they receive proper evaluation, treatment and follow-up care.

The program coordinator collaborates with the referring physician, echocardiographer, and additional physician specialists, as needed, to coordinate all aspects of a patient’s care.

Program Coordinator

Our dedicated program coordinator, who is a critical care registered nurse, facilitates communication and serves as the direct point of contact for both the clinical team and patient. She streamlines all logistics and makes sure that necessary follow-ups are conducted.


Cardiologists are available to help with the medical management of the patient, if needed, and collaborate with the Structural Heart program coordinator so that the appropriate evaluation is offered to all patients who meet established criteria.

Interventional Cardiology

Interventional cardiologists perform non-surgical, catheter-based procedures to manage valvular heart disease and aortic pathology.

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Cardiothoracic surgeons collaborate with other physicians in the patient’s evaluation to help determine the most beneficial treatment pathway. Patients who are not deemed to be surgical candidates are assessed for various other treatment approaches.

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For more information about the Crozer Health Structural Heart Program for Valvular Heart and Aortic Disease, call (610) 447-6854.