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DaTscan Imaging Services

Crozer Healthoffers DaTscan, the only FDA-approved medical imaging agent that is used to differentiate between parkinsonian syndrome and essential tremor. Crozer is Delaware County’s first hospital to offer this service.

The procedure can be valuable for physicians looking to diagnose why patients may be suffering from symptoms that are common to Parkinson’s disease, such as tremors, loss of balance or coordination, shuffling walk, or other movement problems. It is generally used as an adjunct to other tests.

A positive test is not an indication the patient has Parkinson’s disease. However, a negative test is very useful in supporting a diagnosis of something other than one of these degenerative neurological illnesses.

How a DaTscan Works

DaTscan begins with the patient drinking Lugol’s Iodine Solution prior to injection of an imaging drug into a patient’s bloodstream. About three to six hours late, the patient undergoes a single photo emission computed tomography (SPECT-CT) scan. The SPECT-CT images of the patient’s brain are examined by a radiologist.

The prep for the DaTscan test is relatively simple. Patients are asked to drink plenty of fluids and go to the bathroom frequently before the test; wear loose, comfortable clothing because you will have to lie still for a period of time; and bring a list of all the medications they are taking.

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