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Neurology is the branch of medicine that deals with the structure and function of the nervous system and the treatment of the diseases and disorders that affect it.

Crozer Health's board-certified, experienced neurologists use the latest clinical guidelines and state-of-the-art technologies to diagnose and treat patients with a range of neurological conditions.

Our physicians have a diverse range of subspecialties, allowing us to serve the community with comprehensive neurological care. When necessary, the physicians also work closely with other specialists, including Crozer Health's neurosurgeons, to provide the best possible patient care.

Conditions Treated

Crozer Health treats the full range of general clinical neurological conditions with sub-specialty programs as follows:

Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's is a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions. It is the most common cause of dementia, which is a group of brain disorders that results in the loss of intellectual and social skills.


Crozer Health offers specialized care from a team of experts trained in the detection and treatment of traumatic and sports concussion. Not all concussions are the same, so you may receive treatment from experts in more than one specialty.


All of our physicans treat epilepsy. We also have fellowship-trained epileptologists. In addition, we have established an inpatient Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) to address more challenging diagnostic and therapeutic issues.


We provide comprehensive evaluation, treatment and management of headache disorders, the most common being migraine, cluster and tension headaches. Our physicians evaluate all types of head and facial pain and provides follow-up and treatment options. Patients receive personalized treatment plans that take into account their medical history and goals, and include education, awareness, medication and cutting-edge technologies.

Multiple Sclerosis

Our multidisciplinary experienced team of neurologists, a nurse and specialists from various disciplines work together to provide coordinated care. Our clinical support staff members help to guide patients throughout their care while offering outstanding and ongoing support and education.

Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders

Crozer Health's neurologists offer a full range of services for the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders.


Crozer-Chester Medical Center, Taylor Hospital and Delaware County Memorial Hospital have been designated certified primary stroke centers by the Joint Commission with dedicated stroke units for better care of our hospitalized patients. Learn more about Crozer Health's Stroke Services.

Diagnostic Testing

Evaluating and diagnosing damage to the nervous system is complicated and complex. Many of the same symptoms occur in different combinations among the different disorders. To further complicate the diagnostic process, many disorders do not have definitive causes, markers, or tests.

Our neurologists use the latest diagnostic techniques, including:

  • Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Electromyography (EMG)
  • Radiological Exams, such as CT, MRI and PET/CT