Post-Delivery Care

Crozer Health offers a range of services to help parents after delivery and even they've taken their new baby home.

Nurse Educator

Each family is given individualized education on issues that they may face after they bring their baby home. This education is done by highly trained maternity nurses.

Newborn TV Service

Crozer Health's newborn television service provides television programming on baby care and postpartum topics. This service is available for viewing in your patient room, 24 hours a day.

"Welcome Baby" Gifts

Every family who delivers a baby at Crozer-Chester Medical Center or Delaware County Memorial Hospital will receive a gift pack of mementos and items from The Maternity Center. It’s our way of saying “Thank you” for choosing Crozer Healthfor your and your “special delivery’s” care.


Crozer Health offers new parents access to the WebNursery, an online announcement service that helps to spread the news about the birth of your new baby (or babies!) with friends and family from around the world. This free, optional service announces your baby's name and last initial, height, weight, date of birth and time of birth. You can even choose to password-protect your baby's webpage on the WebNursery.

Share your good news with your family and friends at our WebNursery.

Infant Protection System

Crozer Health's infant protection system ensures that your baby only leaves The Maternity Center when you are taking him or her home.

Keep in Touch Call

Soon after you bring your new baby home, you may receive a phone call from a specially trained nurse. Many parents appreciate getting a friendly phone call and look forward to the opportunity to ask questions about feeding, sleep schedules or other issues that come up once your baby goes home.

Mother-Baby Connection

Designed to help you in your new role as a mother at home, the Home Care Department provides nursing care at home for you, your newborn and your family. Your doctor arranges for visits to be made 24 to 72 hours after leaving the hospital. A visit from one of our specially trained maternity home care nurses may include premature and well-baby checkups; phototherapy for jaundice; breastfeeding counseling; emotional support; community referrals for special needs and 24-hour on-call nurse availability.