Pregnancy Guide

Having a baby is one of the most exciting and joyous times in many people’s lives, but it can also be a time where you have a lot of questions. Knowing what changes to expect, both physical and emotional, can help calm some of the fears, help you feel the joy and enjoy the time preparing for baby.

Preparing for Pregnancy

For couples who’ve never had children before, starting a family is a big decision filled with a lot of questions. If you and your partner have decided to move forward with starting a family, here are some tips on how to prepare for pregnancy.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

The early signs of pregnancy vary from woman to woman. Usually the most obvious sign is the absence of menstruation (amenorrhea). However, some women continue to have bleeding even while pregnant. While each woman may experience the signs of pregnancy differently, there are some common initial signs of pregnancy.

What to Expect by Trimester

  • Your First Trimester: During your first trimester, your body starts producing hormones to begin nourishing your baby before tests and an exam can even confirm you’re pregnant. Here are all of the changes you can expect to experience during your first 13 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Your Second Trimester: When you enter your second trimester of pregnancy, your baby is growing and gaining weight quickly. It’s during this trimester that you can finally find out the sex of your baby, unless you decide to be surprised at the birth.
  • Your Third Trimester: Although many women say the third trimester is the most uncomfortable point during pregnancy, the good news is you’re close to the finish line! Your third trimester begins around week 28 and lasts until you give birth, which may be around 40 weeks – however, you may go into labor a few weeks earlier or later.

Labor and Delivery

Each year, Crozer Health welcomes more than 2,500 babies into the world. That’s more than any other hospital or health system in Delaware County. To serve the families of Delaware County, we provide two comprehensive maternity centers: on at Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Upland and one at Delaware County Memorial Hospital in Drexel Hill.

Before You Leave the Hospital

In order to help you understand what the medical staff is doing to care for your child (and you!), here’s what happens before you leave the hospital.