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Comprehensive Memory Program

Do you have an older friend or loved one who has experienced an increase in:

  • Forgetfulness?
  • Memory lapses?
  • Personality or behavioral changes?
  • Problems with speech, reading or writing skills?
  • Problems in completing daily activities?

The Comprehensive Memory Program offers compassionate care to older adults who may be experiencing various forms of memory loss. Our multidisciplinary group of healthcare professionals uses a team approach to evaluate and treat memory problems in patients and also provide guidance and support for caregivers, family members and loved ones.

What to Expect

On the first visit, patients receive a comprehensive assessment provided by one of our geriatricians. Based on the results of the evaluation, our team works closely with the patient's loved ones, caregivers and primary care physician to determine the best possible care plan.

Patients and family members also benefit from the guidance and assistance of our social worker. When necessary, the care plan may include consultations to relevant specialists, such as geriatric psychiatrists and neurologists.